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Object Storage

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Object Storage: the optimal solution for managing unstructured data with maximum scalability

Today, data plays a central role for many companies, which is why it is often called "the oil of our time". The challenge is to keep pace with exponential data growth and to rely on a scalable storage platform where data is always available and comprehensively protected. The technology for this is called Object Storage.

Object Storage is a non-hierarchical method of storing data, either on premise or in the cloud. Unlike other data storage methods, object storage does not use a directory structure. Discrete units of data (objects) are located at the same level in a storage pool. Each object has a unique name that an application uses to retrieve the object. In addition, each object can have metadata that is retrieved with the object.

StorageGRID - Object Storage from NetApp
StorageGRID offers more and better detailed information for your data management. It is a software-defined, object-based storage solution that supports interfaces such as the S3 API (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

Object Storage can hold virtually any amount of data.

Data Security
Maximum reliability, security and availability of your data.

Optimized data management
Data is automatically stored according to requirements, either in geographical locations or in storage tiers.

Compatibility to S3 Standard
Thanks to object storage, backup and archive solutions and any S3-compatible application can be integrated.

Data consistency is ensured by automatic data replication, rolling updates and the prevention of downtime.

Thanks to object storage, bottlenecks caused by complex directory systems are avoided.

Use cases

  • Media data
    With NetApp object storage, you can reduce complexity, streamline media workflows, and lower media data management costs.

  • Archive
    The Object Storage can be used as an archive device. Inactive data can be automatically archived by Windows, EMC VNX, EMC Isilon or any NAS system. The configuration for archiving data is quick and easy.

  • Cold Data
    In addition to archiving, it is also possible to outsource "cold" primary or secondary data. This means that both costs and space can be saved with a kind of tiering. Data that you use little or not at all can thus be swapped out to object storage, regardless of the tier.

  • Analytics
    With object storage you benefit from the highest scalability for a vast amount of data; whether it is weather reports, traffic reports, customer behavior or other analyses.

Object Storage - either On Premise or from the Cloud

ITpoint offers you the option of obtaining StorageGRID object storage from NetApp either on premise or directly from the ITpoint cloud.

On Premise
Object Storage from NetApp is available in the classic On Premise variant. This means that all data is under your control and the software is completely integrated into your existing IT system. On the technical side, this variant requires appropriate IT know-how, because maintenance, monitoring and backups are supervised by you.

From the Cloud - as a Service
With Object Storage as a Service, ITpoint delivers a quickly available and cost-effective solution for you to store large amounts of data safely and securely in the cloud. The software is rented from you, which means that the initial financial and technical outlay is lower than with the On Premise model. In the subscription model, you only pay a monthly fee, and transparently only for the costs that have actually been incurred.

With the as a service model, all maintenance and monitoring tasks are directly the responsibility of ITpoint. We are happy to take your IT load off your shoulders so that you can focus on other important challenges. Adapt your subscription to your needs in a very simple and uncomplicated way.

ITpoint's Object Storage as a Service is operated on the basis of an extremely flexible and highly available infrastructure and proactively monitored by the ITpoint Service Desk around the clock (7x24).

Veeam to Object Storage
Native Object Storage Integration for S3-compliant service providers lets you seamlessly connect your Veeam environment to Object Storage, reducing your backup storage costs.


NetApp FabricPool
Already using a NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF)?

If so, NetApp's FabricPool technology allows you to offload unused data blocks, such as SnapShots, to low-cost cloud storage or move your cold data to the cloud. Because data is moved to low-cost, on-premise S3 storage in your own data center or in the cloud, you benefit from reduced workload and improved utilization of flash storage systems.

FabricPool is easy to set up, causes minimal operating costs and provides transparency for your existing applications. You define the policies by which data is considered cold and can be tiered. When your business needs change and you need to access data that has been tiered, it is transparently brought back into the performance layer.


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