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Use IT rather than own it.
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Use IT rather than own it. 

More and more businesses realize that IT operations are not part of their core capabilities and there is a need for cost-efficient yet professional services. ORIA Infrastructure Services allow you to use and benefit instantly from a top-quality IT platform for a moderate monthly fee.
ITpoint, the IT specialist behind the ORIA scenes, buys and operates the servers, storage, WAN / LAN network resources. And takes care of backups, security measures, maintenance and modernisation of the IT for you.

It is time to let go hardware products and take off with ORIA Managed Infrastructure Services.

Diversity and Quality: The ORIA Infrastructure Services

  • Wi-Fi 6for more speed and a better bandwidth
  • WAN/Internet Services – highly available internet services with made-to-measure bandwidths
  • WAN/MPLS Services – quality optimized connection between your locaton and the data center
  • Firewall Services – secure distinction between the internet and your IT Services
  • LAN Services – Enterprise Networking as a service
  • Load Balancer Services – secure Application Delivery and Load Balancing
  • Computing Services – virtual server made-to-measure (Intel x86 and Power i)
  • Storage Services – storage capacity for all requirements
  • WORM Archive Services – unalterable storage for permanent archiving
  • Backup & Recovery Services – storage of backup copies as required
  • Mirroring Services – Mirroring of your data between both data centers
  • Disaster Recovery Services – fast data recovery in case of a disaster situation
  • Datacenter Services – high security data centers with geo-redundancy (Tier IV certified)

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On premise and in the Swiss Cloud

Our ORIA Infrastructure Services offer you an extensive service range, which coincide with your exact requirements. These consist of affordable Basic Services which can be expanded and complemented with other IT Services. Our service range covers all challenges set upon small and medium-sized businesses and we are committed to Switzerland as a production location - an added bonus of security and compliance for your business.

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