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ORIA Private Cloud Environment

An ITpoint «Private Cloud Environment» (PCE) is a dedicated IT infrastructure built especially for the customer, based on the tested and tried ITpoint Reference Architecture.

  • private cloud environment for your data and applications
  • Operation at your own location or
  • Operation in a highly secure ITpoint datacenter (Tier IV)
  • high-available IT environment, monitored and operated round the clock as standard by ITpoint (in accordance with the standards of ISO/IEC 20000)

The data are optionally replicated and backed up on the ITpoint Shared Cloud Environment  in order to allow for geographically redundant data storage and thus be able to use «disaster recovery» mechanisms. We refer to this as a hybrid model.

ORIA Private Cloud Environment

oria private cloud model

Top-quality Architecture for your Private Cloud in Switzerland

The ORIA Private Cloud Environment should always (in normal cases) be a reduced copy of the SCE. The use of components in the Private Cloud that are of the same type and have similar availability and automation mechanisms wherever possible to those already used in the Shared Cloud increases the cost-efficiency and security of the IT systems.

The customer has the choice to either have the dedicated IT components operated under its owner-ship or to receive them from ITpoint as a service. Especially in the second case, various software products from the manufacturers under the «service provider» model can be obtained similarly flexibly as from the Shared Cloud environment.