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Verwaltung Ihrer Infrastruktur, Anwendungen und Daten


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Manage your infrastructure, applications and data in the shortest possible time - easily and automatically

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Nutanix we offer you a completely new way of managing your infrastructure, your applications and your data. Try it out and let us surprise you.

Data Administration
Nutanix Era' is a software suite that automates and simplifies your database management. With fast database deployment and Copy Data Management (CDM), Nutanix allows you to deploy, clone, update and backup your databases at any time. Increase efficiency, agility, cost effectiveness and scalability throughout your company by automating and simplifying database management.

With Nutanix Era, database administrators can create a global catalog of database services based on standardized computing, networking and database parameters. Era supports complex database environments and automatically maximizes infrastructure efficiency so administrators don't have to worry about it. With Era, databases are cloud-ready and well-positioned for mobility.

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Application optimization

Nutanix Calm' is a multi-cloud application management framework that provides application automation and lifecycle management natively integrated into the Nutanix platform. With Nutanix Calm, applications are defined through simple blueprints that can be easily created using industry standards and control all aspects of the application lifecycle such as provisioning, scaling and cleanup. Once created, a blueprint can easily be published for end users via the Nutanix Marketplace. This turns a complex ticket for provisioning immediately into a simple request that can be implemented in minutes.

Eliminate the complexity and repetitive elements of resource provisioning with the comprehensive application-oriented automation of 'Nutanix Calm'.

Infrastructure Management

With 'Nutanix Prism' you eliminate the complexity of infrastructure management and manage your entire environment seamlessly and easily from storage and computing infrastructure to virtual machines. Optimized maintenance and upgrades, simplified workflows, and consolidated visibility into cluster statistics ensure that your management is straightforward with no downtime or maintenance windows.

Gain a VM-centric operational view of your network-from every node in the cluster down to the details of every VM. Learn how VMs and applications connect to the underlying physical and virtual networks. Simplify monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation with custom views of your environment and color-coded markers for potential communication issues.

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