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Nutanix Acropolis Prism

Acropolis Hypervisor - a new approach

Complex designs are sometimes required to resolve storage and application resource conflicts while ensuring high availability and scalability. The Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) from Nutanix enables a new approach today.

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object file block storage thumbnail

Object Storage vs. File Storage vs. Block Storage

Whatever requirements you have for your business: In order to be able to decide on the right storage solution, an understanding of the different types of storage is essential.

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object lock

Protection of your objects and backup data with the S3 Object Lock

Whether an organization needs to comply with regulations such as those in the financial or healthcare sectors, or simply back up copies of important business documents, NetApp's S3 Object Lock provides unalterable storage and protection against deletion of objects and data.

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wifi 5 vs wifi 6 thumbnail

Wi-Fi 5 vs. Wi-Fi 6 - Why an upgrade makes sense

Designed to increase network capacity and improve network performance, Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) is today the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology. The latest Wi-Fi standard builds on the already great Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) technology and enables fast Wi-Fi speed with reliable connections.

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Thumbnail Web BaaS Blog

Additionally protected data storage with Backup as a Service or Disaster Recovery? Five questions you can ask yourself to find out.

Companies of all sizes have to deal with numerous IT challenges. One of the most important tasks of IT managers is to prevent data loss and downtime. 

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backup o365 th

Five reasons for an Office 365 Backup

Many companies that use Office 365 still don't know what Microsoft is responsible for and what they themselves are responsible for in terms of data protection. Read this blog to learn why you should also back up your data with a suitable backup solution.

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itpoint baut microsoft skills aus small

Rapid growth of Microsoft Skills at ITpoint

After a wave of further training courses and encouraging additions the workforce (including a «Most Valuable Professional»), our customers now have massively more Microsoft knowledge at their disposal. Much more than a few months ago. Especially in the focus of know-how development: Office 365.

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ransomware protection itpoint netapp thumbnail

Ooops, your files have been encrypted!

They have sonorous names like WannaCry, LockerGoga, Bad Rabbit and NotPetya and are insidious. Once it's nested in the corporate network, it gets tricky. Ransomware has become a lucrative business model for cyber criminals and the stream of new variants is not stopping. On the contrary. We must all prepare for an expansion of this malware. A situation report.

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IT Security: Ransomware Protection Service

ITpoint has launched the Ransomware Protection Service for NetApp. This protection will be available in our shared cloud environment and for private cloud and on-site installations with NetApp storage systems.

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itpoint office 365 blog 1

Is Office 365 right for your business?

From scepticism to curiosity, from curiosity to intensive testing and pilot projects, Office 365 is now firmly anchored in our portfolio as a supplement to our managed services and ORIA cloud concept. Is Office 365 right for your company? We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the programme, so you don’t have to.

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schweizer service provider versus hyperscaler thumb

IT as Service with David and Goliath

If you aim to procure IT infrastructure, software and operations as a service, you have to be prepared to hand over responsibility. But how to make sure that your organization’s digital success is in good hands? This article offers a few thoughts for SMEs on choosing the right IT service provider.

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Cent Systems

Interview with Adrian Tschannen, CEO Cent Systems AG

Cent Systems AG has been successfully outsourcing its entire IT infrastructure—including operation, maintenance and support—to ITpoint ORIA Prime Managed Services.

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Third prize at Service Management Switzerland Awards 2018

The Service Management Forum Switzerland has recently awarded its first ever «SMS Awards» to recognize the most innovative projects and solutions in the field of service management. ITpoint was honoured to win third prize.

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IBM POWER9 chip 2

ITpoint expands its cloud infrastructure with the latest IBM POWER9 technology

As a premier cloud service provider, ITpoint is investing throughout Switzerland in the recently launched IBM POWER9 processors and expanding its service catalogue to include additional services. ITpoint clients can now benefit from an even wider range of services than those offered by large, international cloud providers.

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Cloud Innovation award Tmb

NetApp honours ITpoint with the Cloud Innovation Award

NetApp awarded ITpoint with the Cloud Innovation Award at the annual Partner Academy.

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Standing up to the competition: IBM Power 9

Over the years, the IBM Power Infrastructure has proven itself to be a highly reliable yet affordable operating platform for business-critical applications.

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Ronal IT

Interview with Andreas Dusold, Head of IT Support, RONAL GROUP

The RONAL GROUP Story Part 2: Interview with Andreas Dusold, Head of IT Support

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Thumbnail digitalerBotschafter

IT managers in transition from operators to digital ambassadors

With «As-a-Service» approaches gaining traction, the IT management function is undergoing massive change.

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Thumbnail DDoS

Free DDoS protection for all ITpoint ORIA Cloud customers

In response to the growing threat of targeted cyber-attacks and the greater risk of damage, we have enabled proactive DDoS protection for all our ORIA Cloud customers at no additional cost.

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Thumbnail ITSM

Status ISO 20000 and what that has to do with you

The re-certification according to ISO 20000 took place this spring. We want to do so not only for your benefit – in fact, we are obligated to do better.

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Thumbnail von EDV zu Managed IT Services

The path from EDP to Managed IT Services

Things were a lot simpler and more manageable back in the days when ICT was still known as EDP. We didn't think so at the time but, looking back, that's how it was. So, what happened?

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ORIA Jakob basis 1

Interview with Adrian Brogle - CIO Jakob Müller AG

Jakob Müller purchases the system resources for oxaion according to the ORIA principle. «oxaion" is operated in logical partitions on the «Shared Cloud Environment». Learn more in an interview with Adrian Brogle, CIO Jakob Müller AG

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Netapp BaaS Zertifikat Thumb

NetApp Certified BaaS Offer from ITpoint

NetApp carefully reviewed ITpoint's online backup offering from process to security architecture.

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Thumbnail Carletto

Rely on «ORIA»

«ORIA» is the first Swiss brand for Managed Services. The business oriented model enables you to obtain infrastructure, software and business operations obtain top quality infrastucture, software and operation services.

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Netapp Cloud Innovation Award 2015 thumb

NetApp Cloud Innovation Partner Award

NetApp honors ITpoint Systems with the Cloud Innovation Award at the NetApp Partner Academy.

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